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Windstar Cruises combines elements of intriguing itineraries worldwide, premium accommodation, romantic experience and personal service. It is mostly known for its yachts with masts, which are unique throughout the world, and luxurious small ships.
Cuisine on board Windstar Cruises is mostly related to meals originated throughout sailing regions, which is quite creative. Meals are prepared according to the guidelines of the American Heart Organization. Each ship disposes of different dining venues, although some world famous restaurants are present on all vessels.
Certainly the best entertaining option is Watersports Platform, from where you can launch yourselves on windsurfing, kayaking, diving, water skiing, and other related divertissements. Complementary activities include crew performances, various interesting lectures, and welcome-aboard and farewell parties.
Available facilities on board are WindSpas, fitness centers, Watersports Platforms, whirlpools, libraries, bars, casinos and lounges. Even Captain's Bridge is open for visitors.
Exercise facilities aren't especially spacious, but they dispose of diverse equipment and some programs, of which some are additionally charged. Upscale treatments are provided by spas and beauty salons.
You can forget about formal nights with Windstar Cruises, and casually elegant outfit is observed by most passengers, although men coats and ties are also worn.
Windstar Cruises are fully adult-oriented, thus without dedicated children programs or facilities. The number of kids below 7 years of age on board is limited.
Membership in Windstar's loyalty program encompasses invitations to private cocktails, discounts on cruising fares, accommodation upgrades, etc.
Personalized service could be described only in superlatives. The crew is friendly, professional, efficient and unobtrusive.
You are free to bring 2 bottles on board, but every additional one will be kept till the end of the cruise. You can consume outside beverages in the dining room, but small corkage applies in such cases.
Windstar's major pros: unique, dynamic and more than interesting itineraries and experience; excellent food; splendid ambience. Major cons: although luxurious in style, Windstar's services are far from all-inclusive; there are no balconies in accommodation units; the Internet is additionally charged.
Gratuities are added to the shipboard account per passenger, and bars include tips in their bills.
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