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Paul Gauguin Cruises are specialized in exotic destinations, such as French Polynesia, Tahiti and South Pacific destinations. It features luxury style experience, complemented with intimate atmosphere.
Diverse dishes on board Paul Gauguin vessels feature a multitude of grilled meals, salads, fruits, etc. Vegetarian and healthy dishes are also served. Dining facilities are diverse, from main dining rooms, serving French food, to La Veranda, which offers the international cuisine specialties.
The highlight on Paul Gauguin's cruises is the Les Gauguines group, in which talented young Tahitian women perform. Additional entertaining events are musical and dance performances, and interesting lectures.
Some facilities which can be found on board encompass casinos (not all ships), bars, Le Grand Salons, lounges, spas, fitness facilities, diverse shops, outdoor pools, watersports platforms, etc.
Fitness and recreational facilities comprise watersport marinas, small fitness centers and Deep Nature Spas. Scuba diving activities are also available.
The dress code is quite casual and informal. Many people wear sport outfit and jackets, although the latter isn't required.
There are no children's facilities on board Gauguin vessels. The only exceptions are certain sailings, where youth programs are organized.
Past guests on board are eligible for cruise discounts when booking the next cruise. These discounts range from 5% to 10%.
The performance of the service crew is efficient, detailed and unobtrusive.
Alcoholic and soft beverages are served during main courses. Some special wines, however, are subjects to the additional charge.
Major pros: proximity to places where bigger ships cannot enter; pleasant socializing atmosphere; various watersport activities; although low-key, entertaining offerings are quite unique and interesting; formality kept at the minimum. Major cons: lack of high-energy parties and activities for fans of those; few options for families with small children.
Gratuities of any sort aren't required, neither expected. Nevertheless, you are free to contribute to the crew welfare fund.

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