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Costa Cruise Lines is rated as the first European cruising company. The design of its ships features Italian style, which is accompanied with excellent Italian dishes. Themed nights are another famous characteristic of each cruise.
Meals are prepared by chefs who are members of a prestigious International Culinary Organization. Dishes, in general, are prepared according to Italian recipes, although vegetarian courses are also served.
Various interesting and unique parties take place on board Costa vessels. Additional entertaining opportunities encompass bingo, pool and other games, shows, various lectures, classical concerts, etc.
Costa ships dispose of Golf Academies at Sea, spas and salons maintained by Stainer Leisure, casinos and shopping opportunities. Thalassotherapy pools are also available.
Fitness facilities are not many, but quite sufficient. They include jogging tracks and well equipped gyms.
The dress code is casual, in general, consisting mostly of cocktail dresses for women, and suits for men. Few formal nights are organized on each cruise.
Children on board could enjoy adequate programs and activities. Babysitting is available on request till 1:30 am.
Loyalty programs provide big benefits for returnees, and some of those are various discounts, and dinners in a specialty restaurant.
You might find that service is not always as it should be, but it is mostly adequate.
All inclusive adult beverage packages include both alcoholic and soft drinks, for a certain fee.
Major pros: attractive destinations complemented with a variety of excursions; comfortable and modern accommodation; tasty food; a wide range of activities. Major cons: restricted smoking; service happens to be spotty sometimes; overcrowding.
Most gratuities are calculated into the cruising price. Additional tips are included in various treatments, and in beverage tabs.
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